what kind of cook am I?

My favorite foods have few ingredients and they are usually the same ones. I once read that a sign of a good mother/cook is one who is able to use the same ingredients over and over, just disguised in different ways. That's my kind of cooking! 
I've created the 5 Ingredients section (I don't count salt because we all have that in the cupboard) where you'll be able to find quick recipes disguised in several tasty  ways.

I also keep a stocked pantry. Some may call it a storage. I love to use it in my cooking. That way I'm not running to the store in order to make each meal. I like fresh as much as the next person, but if it's between using dehydrated and going to the store, I'm opening my lazy suzan and throwing in some dehydrated tasty goodness. My meals are simple and filling for a lot of mouths.

I am grateful for all those who have influenced my cooking over the years and taught me all I know from the midwest, south, and western states. I've been blessed with amazing mentors.

Thank you, all!!